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Website Design - What To Expect

Initial Contact

We can meet in person, or we can communicate via e-mail. It isn't absolutely necessary to meet in person and I have developed several websites for more distant clients without ever meeting with them.


I will work closely with you to ensure that I design and build the site you want.

The design process starts with your initial ideas on how the site should look and function and what pictures and content it should include.

Website Content

I can help with writing content, although it will be helpful if you have a good idea of what information you'd like to convey.

Calendars, Maps, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter

I can embed calendars or maps in your website, or add links to your blog or feeds to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

A Google Calendar enables you to display details of events and meetings on your website in a format that you can update yourself.

Building Your Site

Once we've had an initial chat, I can mock up some pages for you, to show you what sort of things are possible. Once we've agreed on the overall structure and look and feel of the site, I can then build the site for real.

I will keep you informed of progress as I build your site. I will ensure that the site follows accessibility guidelines, such as having text that can be re-sized.

Testing Your Site

I will test your website, including grammar, spelling and hyperlinks. I will use a range of modern browsers - Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome - and also ensure that the site will work in slightly older versions Internet Explorer, which are still in use on older PCs.

Domain Names and Hosting

A website needs a domain name ( and hosting - servers to host the web pages so that the public can view them.

Domain name registration ( or will cost you around £10 for two years. I would prefer you to buy your website's domain name, but I can help you with this.

You will also need to buy hosting for your website. I can help you buy your own hosting package.

Free E-mail Addresses

Along with my hosting I can provide up to two free e-mail addresses to go with your site, such as for

Search Engine Optimisation

Once your site is built I will register it with major search engines. I will build the site to enable search engines to find your pages.

Pictures for your Website

I can use any photographs you provide or I can provide pictures for your site, either from my own photographs or from commercial image libraries.

Logo and Business Card Design

I can create you a logo for your business and use the image to make you some business cards. Please enquire for prices.

Site Maintenance

Building and launching your website is just the start. You will want to keep your site updated and ensure that all its information is current. If, in 2015, your site still gives details of 2010 opening hours or exhibitions, visitors will see straightaway that it is out of date and no longer trustworthy. They may even doubt whether your business still exists.

For hand built websites, the first six month's basic maintenance of your site will be included in any fees I charge (unless we agree otherwise). After that, depending on your requirements, we can negotiate a fee for continuing updates of your website.

Contact me for a detailed quote.

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